Gurion Dean

Newborn Film | Austin TX and Mobile AL Videographer

Gurion Dean Newborn Film“It’s hard to put into words what a gift you guys have given us in our newborn film. Those first few weeks of life go by so incredibly fast. You find yourself trying to memorize all the little noises they make, the facial expressions, the way they crinkle their nose when they yawn… it’s all so amazing yet so very fleeting. I am SO thankful for our film, and so glad we made the time to do it. I wish all moms – no matter how they think they look after childbirth, or how tired they might feel – would be able to invest in this treasure because these are irreplaceable moments that pass all too fast. Having this moment in time captured forever in film is a priceless gift that we will cherish for the rest of our lives!”


Videographers with studios in Austin, TX and Mobile, AL. Serving Texas, Alabama, Mississippi and the Florida Gulf Coast with wedding, newborn, and family videography. Specializing in cinematic wedding films, newborn sessions, and family lifestyle portrait videography.


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