Capturing the Seasons of Your Life

Our kids will never be this age again.

They’re growing up and time won’t slow down. Lifehouse’s Newborn and Family Films document this time in your lives in a way that preserves the memories for a lifetime.

Newborn Films

With the arrival of Lafe’s first child in 2015, he began to realize how precious and fleeting this new season of life is. In Baby’s first few weeks, they are already changing so much. We know it doesn’t slow down, but our films can preserve these moments. Our Newborn Films allow you to remember the newness of it all, hear their little baby sounds, and share the story of their arrival into your family. 

Family Films

As our past brides and grooms are now starting families of their own, we have realized a need to continue telling their stories. Much like a Christmas or Easter photo marks a moment in time, our Family Films capture a season of your lives. And while family photos are beautiful, our films are able to bring story and sound to these memories. Each film is different, but most involve families together doing something they love and sharing about this season of their lives. 

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