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“Our film arrived today, and Trent and I are just speechless!  I had to rush over to my best friend’s house immediately to show her the film. After viewing it, she said, “Dailee, I’m so happy for you! But I’m so sad that I don’t have a film like this of my wedding day.”

– Dailee, Lifehouse Bride

“We had a blast filming and when they sent us our daughter’s film, we cried our eyes out and then immediately regretted not doing this for our first daughter! It was beautiful! We still watch it a couple times per week!

– Tiara, Newborn Film Client

“The most important thing this film captures that photos cannot is my daughters’ personalities at this time in their lives. I cannot get over how much the twins come through on this film! Photography captures a moment, but this film captures a time period in our lives.”

– Jacquie, Family Film Client

“I’ve been wanting to do a behind the scenes video of me working with babies and kiddos for some time now and I’m 100% thrilled with how the videos you captured turned out!  They are the perfect glimpse into what a session with me looks like and I know they will bring me a tremendous amount of new business!”

– Lifestyle Film Client